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Converged Security is the operational concept of understanding, operating, measuring, and maturing all areas of security of an organization. Including but not limited to Physical Security, Cyber Security, Investigations, Executive Protection, Law Enforcement Support, Information Security, Fraud, etc. We are able to solve stressors, issues, problems, and challenges in these areas and more, in a Small Medium Business (SMB), Non-Government Organization (NGO), Faith Based Organization, Enterprise, Carrier, Government and Classified environments. If we don't feel 100% comfortable we can provide you amazing service we will professionally guide you to another resource, we trust, that can better serve you.

Jim McConnell


Security Pain Points, Stressors, Ideas We Solve

Our Solutions

Looking for just advisory services on retainer, need us to build it for you, assess where the program is at, mature the program to the next level, be an operator/agent/staff augmentation, or training, we have solutions for the lifecycle of your program

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Advisory Services

We are available for ongoing CSO/CISO advisory services including board service with extensive expertise in all areas of security.  Also security product/services provider advisory services.

Ask McConnell Converged Security


Have an operational need/want/requirement, let's us take from ideation to full build-out

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Whether a specific function, group of functions, overall CSO/CISO program management, or enterprise-wise security ownership, we toss out the "checklist" and "ride-along" to assess Scope, RACI, Documentation, Technology, Continuous Improvement, and Table Tops.

Ask McConnell Security Maturity Steps


Call it maturity, call it transformation, "take it to the next level", through metrics and building strategic plans, let's mature a specific function or overall security program.

Ask McConnell Converged Security

Operations/Staff Augmentation

We are ready to provide one-time, quick response, retainer, staff/team augmentation or fractional services in both a domestic & international regions.

Business, Level 4, and PI Licensed in Texas Only

Ask McConnell Training Classroom

Converged Security Academy

We have had the privilege of speaking and teaching on a wide variety of security, technical, operational, and faith-based topics including one-on-one mentoring to widows to men's events to acadamia to Fortune 500 to Government to professional organizations both in USA and outside the USA. 

We also (can) support other training activities/companies as co-instructors, actors, victims, evaluators, or tabletop / ingest developers. 


Our goal is the first engagement each month is a pro bono faith based organization in need of security support. We also mentor law enforcement and military in transition to Corporate/Private Security along with being a volunteer first responder and supporting the law enforcement family.

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Chief Executive Officer / Chief Security Officer / Principal


Jim McConnell is beyond blessed to currently be CEO, CSO and Principal for Ask McConnell, a unique converged security operations, consultancy, and advisor team.  Jim has over 28 years of Corporate Security operational experience including his most recent role as the first Fellow in Verizon’s Corporate Security Office with his last primary responsibility being program management for and protector on the EP/Special Events Security Team along with other critical activities including Supply Chain Security, Physical Security Kinetic Testing, and Government Liaison support. Jim has operated in country in 15 different countries and has 15 patents under his engineering "hat". Jim mentors transitioning military/LEO and has done pro bono security support to over 350 churches for over 30 years and a local volunteer first responder. Jim is also the author new book called Converged Security Metrics.

Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Professional Certified Investigator (PCI), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Certified Information Systems Manager (CISM), CDPSE, Certified Protection Officer (CPO)*, CPOI*, Security+, ARES Level 3, SARTECH 3, FAA Commercial Part 107 Drone Pilot (sUAS), Ground Search and Rescue (GSAR/WSAR/SAR/USAR) Technician and Team Leader, FEMA USAR/WAS Technician, Wilderness First Aid (WFA), NWCG Wildland Firefighter (FFT2), ARC First Aid/AED/CPR ("Certified" and Instructor), Stop The Bleed ("Certified" and Instructor), licensed in Texas as a Level IV Personal Protection Officer (PPO), Texas Private Security Licensed Business, Texas Private Investigator (PI), Texas Licensed Real Estate Agent
* In process of renewal

Standard Disclaimers

Texas PSB Individual License: Active, Texas PSB Business License: C28455301, CAGE Code: 9LXZ3, TCOLE Registered, US Clearance Eligible, EIN: 93-1914843, DUNS: 119058091

Our Core Definitions

We have collected over 100 crazy marketing claims from security and audit firms, so we committed to be transparent for you about how we will use these terms as consistently as we humanly can. These are OUR (and many others in the security world) perspective, you, your organization, your organizational culture may define / scope these words differently.


The prevention, detection, and response to a crime or a violation of an organization's rules/policies. 


The prevention, detection, and response to an accident. (think spilled milk, broken glass, etc.)


The FEELING by an individual, in an environment, where they feel the security and safety controls are adequate for them to be at peace to enter/enjoy/use the environment.


"All in every language means All" - Pastor Robert Morris.  All is every element under an organization's ownership, control or that impacts an organization's ability to carry out its mission in a safe manner.