Ask McConnell's Converged Security Academy

From Security 101 training to topic field training to full-range simulation, Ask McConnell's Converged Security Academy is ready to service you, your team, and yes, your audience. Obviously we can customize / mix-n-match to your needs

Security Onboarding

Struggling with Definitions and Scoping of your security role, team, policies, governance, or even company-wide, this class is 2 days to through the importance, the challenges, examples, and scenarios of how the new definitions might impact your operations

We're not talking about benefits and how to log in, we talking about giving the new kid on the block, your definitions, scope, field tours, whys, etc.

Pain Points / Stressors

Insider Threat

M&A /Divestiture

Getting a Seat at the Table

Supply Chain Security/Fraud

Physical Security Vulnerability Discovery

Executive Protection Program Management

Security Metrics

Offshore Security Risk

Security Operations Centers

Crisis Response

Field Training

CPR/AED/First Aid/StB (*)

Executive Protection Advances

Social Engineering

Threat Simulation

3am on Sunday Call Out

Interviewing for Auditors

Security Analytics


Security Product/Services Sales Kick Off Training

Can't break the CSO / CISO veil? Not sure your product, literature, messaging is up-to-date or differiating?

Training Plan Design

Don't know where to start with training?  We can help with that also, we have built training models for NGO, First Responders and Corporate Security, Safety, and Medical teams

Training Staff Augmentation

You have existing training, need to fill some of the time, need actors, need coaches, we are highly flexible in bringing our perspective to your training while staying within your guardrails and content goals