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Speaking / Writing Disclaimers – 2022 Edition


Here are my disclaimers based on advice from many people of counsel.

The majority of the links that are related to my speaking / writing / podcasting / YouTube related products / services are affiliate-based links.  Why? so I can continue to increase the quality and value of my offering, okay, and buy toys for my studio…hehe.

The views expressed on this site are the views and experiences of the author or his guests and other professionals, they are not necessarily the views of the author’s employer, pro bono clients, his church, vendors, certification organizations, standards bodies, or the industry.  Every attempt to avoid discussion of confidential information has been taken. Names may have been changed….you know why….to protect the vulnerable. 

Contents and posts are personal and not on behalf of my employer, nor based on information I might have through my employer.  I have created a number of “tools” and content that I built externally then used a modified version of inside my employment activities with full disclosure as such.  Content created “on the clock” that is generic and not company specific may show up on this site, my podcast, or YouTube Channel.

Also I live in the State of Texas that has strict statues on Private Security and “Security Consulting”, I do NOT have a PSB Consulting license at this time, but I have reached out to the PSB in 7/2014 to determine any licensing requirements I may need.  As of today, I have NOT received a response back from them.  I also am fully aware that the content on this site could be seen as activities requiring a security related license in other cities, counties, states, or countries and I respect that need.  As I learn more about the license requirements, I will update this disclaimer to reflect absolute transparency and integrity on the purpose of this site.

US Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR Part 255

Use of Endorsements and Testimonial in Advertising  Disclosure Statement  The product(s) reviewed / mentioned on this blog, website, podcast were provided free of charge or I paid for them in a retail/online environment. I was not compensated monetarily for a review. My only compensation is the possibility to keep the reviewed product for my own enjoyment or utilize it as a giveaway on this site. The honest views and opinions of the product are my own and were not influenced or encouraged by the Seller/Manufacturer.

With the best of my ability, I have put forth all reasonable effort to ensure factual data in this site is accurate.  I am always available to review technology, gear, and other resources. Contact me at if you have a product you would like reviewed.  There will be times on the extremely conservative side, that a requested topic, comment, activity, product, service, may be in conflict with my employer and thus hope everyone respects my editorial authority to respect and mitigate that conflict.